• About Chined Technology

  • Chined Technology, Founded in 1992, early in the development, manufacture all kinds of capacitors, quality has attracted wide recognition and support, from 1997 onwards, gradually apply the U.S. Patent and Trademark certification US Patent No: 5,517,386, after more superior quality through the German VDE certification U.S. IEC quality assessment System certification, the U.S. Patent and Trademark certification US Patent No:. US 6,233,133 B1, mainland Patent and Trademark certification No. 461,104 RMB, but also through the United States UL certification.

    It is only because of our quality, our insistence, our development, our innovation, science and technology continue to make Jintech pride in our products, patents and certified by the countries, as well as the international standard ISO 9001 quality assurance system.

    In 2005, we realized the importance of the world a global village, so Jintech technology products, can be more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly, is that we need to invest in developing areas, but also because of this, in September the same year, with crystal-Tech for "electricity" understanding and application filtering to develop a North American treasure saving that lets families and business demand for "electricity", it is possible to saving way for "electricity" must be used every day wear and tear to a minimum, in order to of "energy saving, environmental protection," the milestone.

    Canada treasure filter economizer indeed reached our original intention was actively involved in research and development, in order to really play it for maximum effect, but also through the CE Certification 95-0291, Taiwan new invention patent certificate M294777, China’s new patent 200620025611.2, we and will not be satisfied, even in 2010 to enhance the development of three-phase power saver, but achieved CE certification PSE99-0633.

    Because we have always believed that the world as a global village, we must do something, anything ... let us develop expertise, our expertise, allowing more users to benefit, but also to science and technology to be more healthy, more environmentally friendly.